Simple & Complex Extractions

If there is too much damage for a tooth to be repaired, it may require an extraction. There are two types of dental extractions: a simple extraction and a surgical (complex) extraction. A surgical extraction is necessary if a tooth is broken off at the gum line, has curved roots, or has not completely erupted into the mouth. A surgical extraction may involve removing some bone around the tooth or separating the individual roots of a tooth in order to extract it.

The extraction area will first be numbed with a local anesthetic. Before we begin, we will ensure that you are completely numb. During the procedure, you can expect to feel pressure, but no pain. If you feel any pain or pinching, please let us know. If you have anxiety, you may also request nitrous oxide or oral sedation.

If you have any questions about extractions, please contact us at (979) 543-2737.

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