Post-Op Instructions

As a rule of thumb, you should always wait two hours after dental treatment before eating to let the anesthesia wear off. Trying to eat before this could result in soft tissue damage because you are not able to feel all of your mouth. The instructions found below are guidelines. After your appointment, our office will give you full post-op instructions.

Scaling and Root Planing (Deep Cleaning)

After this procedure, your gums will probably be slightly sore and irritated for a few days. You should rinse your mouth with warm salt water (1 tsp salt/8 oz water) 2-3 times a day. This will relieve the pain and cleanse the area. Brushing and flossing should be continued right after the procedure, but you should brush gently so that you do not further irritate the area. If you experience any swelling or stiffness in the area, you can place a cold compress on the area and take some pain relieving medicine. If you continue to experience pain or swelling after a few days, please contact us.

Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Before you receive your permanent crown/bridge/veneers, you will first receive a temporary restoration. This is not as sturdy as the permanent version, so you should be careful when cleaning and eating. You should brush the area gently and should not pull up on the temporary when flossing because it could dislodge. Also, avoid hard/crunchy foods like nachos and nuts as well as sticky/chewy foods like gum and toffee.

There may be some sensitivity and irritation after the temporary or permanent is placed. This is normal and will subside after the soft tissue heals. A warm salt water rinse will help, and you can also take Advil or Tylenol. If your bite feels abnormal in any way, please let us know. Caring for your crown, bridge or veneers is just like caring for your own teeth. You should brush and floss regularly.

Root Canal Therapy

You can expect soreness after a root canal procedure for a couple days. You should avoid chewing on the side of your mouth where the procedure was performed so you do not irritate the area and also to ensure that the temporary restorative material properly sets. You may need to take an antibiotic to treat any remaining infection in your tooth. If you notice an increasing amount of pain or tenderness, an adverse reaction to the medication, or the loss of the temporary filling, please call our office.


After dental extractions, mild discomfort and some swelling is expected. It is recommended that you rest and limit your physical activity that day. It is normal for the extraction site to bleed a little bit throughout the day. Gauze will be applied at the completion of the surgery and you will need to change it when it becomes soaked. If bleeding continues for longer than 24 hours and is a dark red color, you should call our office.

You will be prescribed pain medication, so if you become sore, take as directed. You can also use an ice pack or cold compress every 15 minutes during the first day to alleviate any swelling. Beginning the second day, rinse with warm salt water. Mix 1/2 teaspoon salt in an 8 oz cup of warm water and gently swish after eating and before bed. This helps keep the extraction site clean and ensures proper healing.

You will be limited to soft foods for a few days after your surgery. Some recommended foods are pudding/jello, yogurt, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs and thin soups. When drinking, DO NOT use a straw. The sucking motion may prematurely remove the blood clot. Also avoid vigorously swishing or spitting as that may also dislodge the blood clot. Avoid smoking for 3-5 days if possible. If you have prolonged pain, bleeding or irritation that last longer than a week, please call our office for a follow up.

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Dr. Cheng and her staff are fabulous! I have seen her several times for multiple fillings and a partial crown, and each time they have gone out of their way to ensure my comfort and to make me feel calm and relaxed. They are friendly, yet always professional- I feel confident trusting my chompers to them. El Campo is lucky to have a dentist like Dr. Cheng!

Colleen Miller

Dr Cheng is always friendly and thorough when it comes to your dental care. In the years that my family have been a patients at this office we have always been treated respectfully and in a timely manner. The staff is always friendly and there to help when needed. TF

Tom Farmer

I am usually scared to go to the dentist. Dr Chang was sooo very kind and gentle.

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This group of ladies are always so kind! Janet and Angie at the front desk are the first women you see, and they are always so pleasant! Sarah is my hygienist and she’s so sweet and great at what she does! Love Dr. Cheng! She is so soft spoken and amazing at what she does. I didn’t go to the dentist for 8+ years and my mouth was full of cavities before I saw Dr. Cheng, and she fixed me right up and never made me feel judged. She also removed my wisdom teeth and I recovered within a couple days! I highly recommend these ladies!! ❤️❤️❤️

Emily Brown

I had a tooth cleaning done today & have been very pleased with my dental hygienist. I have been going to El Campo Dental Clinic since 1979. The employees there are of the highest rated. Thanks to Dr John, Dr Cheng and their staff.

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Fast and friendly service!

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