If you have any dental fear or anxiety, had a traumatic dental experience in the past, or the sounds and smells of a dental office make you nervous, sedation dentistry may help. Our office offers different levels of sedation dentistry. These include oral sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and IV sedation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be unconscious?
No, but you will be in a deep state of relaxation during your treatment. You will still be able to breathe on your own and communicate. We have many patients that exhibit a 10 out of 10 level of anxiety but with conscious sedation, feel 0 or 1 level of anxiety. Some people feel drowsy and do not even remember part of the procedure afterwards.

Will I be monitored?
Yes, your vital signs will be monitored at all times during your appointment. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us and we want to ensure your vitals remain normal throughout your treatment.

Are there any long term effects of sedation?
No. If you have oral sedation, you will feel a little groggy so you will need someone to drive you home from your appointment. Some patients take a short nap afterwards and after a few hours, feel fully alert again. If you have nitrous oxide sedation, you will feel back to normal immediately after the procedure and can drive yourself home.

What procedures can be performed under sedation?
Just about any dental procedure can be performed with sedation. The sedation is not for the procedure itself, but for the anxiety that accompanies the procedure. Ask us if sedation is available for a particular procedure.

Will my insurance cover sedation?
In most cases, sedation will not be covered by your insurance provider. We will review your insurance coverage and let you know if it is covered or not. If it is not covered, we will let you know the out-of-pocket cost.

If you have any additional questions about sedation, please contact us at (979) 543-2737.

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